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Anna is the owner of Tin Lizzie Frenchic. Anna is an unapologetic fan of the first day of the week, it’s the one which feels ripe with prospect, energy and possibilities for the next five days ahead. SO much can happen in one day, let alone five. Her Tin Lizzie Frenchic business was started on a Monday and great things have happened from that day onwards. Tin Lizzie Frenchic was named after Anna’s lovely mum, as her nickname as a child, from Anna’s grandad, was Tin Lizzie. The connection with paint tins fitted perfectly. Having looked further into the meaning she found that Tin Lizzie was also a nickname of one of the very first Ford motor cars, with an initial humble appearance the car looked the worse for wear, as it was unpainted and lacked a hood, many compared Old Liz to a tin can, hence the nickname of "Tin Lizzie." But keep in mind that looks can be deceiving. To "go the way of the Tin Lizzie" is a phrase that refers to something outdated that has been replaced by a newer and better product, or even a belief or behaviour. Frenchic Paint has fast become a global haven for eco-friendly upcycling inspiration. We’re proud to be the fastest growing Chalk Paint Company in the UK, Tin Lizzie is one of over 600 stockists internationally. The Frenchic Paint phenomenon has really made an impression and taken the home decor world by storm, loved by interior creatives and environmentally conscious DIY enthusiasts alike. Happy painting, much love Anna xxx

Meet the Maker..... 

Meet the Maker ...

Anna From Tin Lizzie

Hello I’m Anna, the face behind Tin Lizzie Frenchic. Being a Frenchic stockist has rebuilt my confidence, self esteem and enthusiasm, not only in myself, but in a product I’m so passionate about. I love upcycling preloved furniture, find it very therapeutic and relaxing. Selling Frenchic paint is something I’m so proud of. If I can help one person a day to find the perfect colour for their dream project, then I’m happy. I run my business around my adorable Dachshund, Dexter, and two children who are both very sporty and outgoing. I love being apart of the Arttopia family and working alongside other likeminded local entrepreneurs.

Anna from Tin Lizzie
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