The Fusing Monkey

John's Story...

I work, while feeling the enjoyment of monkeying around with glass in my free time to make something different. I produce unique handmade Fused Glass Gifts and Jewellery. I started making pendants and earrings late last year as a starting point but have always wanted to learn more in something I enjoy and makes me free relaxed in myself. A lot of my items are made by fusing glass together.


Not everything is planned, I often get side tracked and produce something completely different. People will make little suggestions that I will run with in a different format and start monkeying around with ideas and glass. Hence the name The Fusing Monkey!


I have also started the process of making stained glass items, which will be a slow process; I learn as I go. I have many different new ideas of my own but always happy to tailor them to your individual request, as everybody has their own personal tastes and style.


So, feel free to get in contact with The Fusing Monkey with regards to your Fused Glass needs. Find me on Facebook or Instagram (you can find the links below).




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