Suzie Li Taxidermy

Suzie's Story...

"I do ethical taxidermy under the name Suzie Li Taxidermy. I know everyone has their own opinion of what is "ethical" but I only work on animals that have died naturally or restore old pieces of taxidermy e.g. the Victorian era. 

I also do alot of entomology. I get all insects from farmers in 3rd world countries to help them do what they do! These are also all sourced ethically.

I studied the conservation of historic objects at uni and have worked for places such as Cambridge zoology museum and the London science museum. A major operation caused me to stop working in museums and start my own business.

As well as sell my own pieces I teach classes which I love doing!
I'm really excited about joining the family. When I initially started my business I had a rough start as people weren't open to hearing how taxidermy could be ethical but things are now turning around!"


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