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Marybeth Crystals

"I am a trained Crystal Healer and I intuitively make Crystal creations and art. By being expressive and creative I find the crystals have a stronger energy and can be used in healing and manifestation. My interest in Crystals began following the birth of my daughter. We had a traumatic birth and we spent several weeks in the Intensive Care Unit in hospital. Once we arrived home as a family I began to show signs of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, this post natal period was the worst of my life and I had therapy. It was a long road but I began to rebuild myself and with the support of my friends and my family, my loving daughter, we survived. In this time of self discovery I had to re-evaluate my life and my priorities. My main responsibility was always my daughter of course, but I also had a responsibility for myself. I had to make some tough choices during those first few months at home, with the unconditional support of my husband, and we are now reaping the benefits. I have created and manifested Marybeth Crystals, I believe in what I do and I hope to be able to guide the way for others who may need direction."

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