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Katherine Mutch Ceramics

Pottery and Workshops at the foot of the Lincolnshire Wolds.

Kathy is a self taught ceramic artist, who found working with clay provided therapeutic relief from stress around 15 years ago.  Working with clay has allowed Kathy to connect her love for the great outdoors, interest in ancient and medieval history and her creativity.  She became increasingly drawn to the organic and tactile elements of clay.  The natural environment; local oak woodland and wildflower meadows, coastline and moorland, heavily influence her work.  "I try to work with the earth rather than against it, as the clay has qualities which should be left untouched.  Rough surfaces are a common feature and reflect this concept of balance between design and chance, between man-made and natural." 
All work is hand built, hand carved and shaped using stoneware clay and subtle, earthy tones, making each individual piece unique.  All the magic takes place in a country garden studio, which she shares with her husband, Gordon and their rescued Shih-Tzu cross, Jack.  

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Meet the Maker.... Katherine Mutch 


I love being outdoors, listening to shimmering trees in woodland, the sea and birdsong, feeling the air and taking in the aroma of the earth, touching the texture of an old oak tree.  The natural world inspires me and grounds me.  My husband and I travelled for ten years before having our children and, now they are grown up, we take any opportunity to explore remote and quiet beaches and the wilds of Scotland in our camper with Jack, who loves being on the road too.  I have been with Arttopia since its foundation; Arttopia has enabled artists and makers to showcase their work to the public by collaborating under one roof.  There is so much strength to be gained from working alongside so many other small businesses in this way.  Arttopia has a rich variety of characters and we share the same aims, support and inspire each other and have a lot of fun.

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