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CLO Coffee

CLO Coffee

"CLO was born out of a heart to see community become a verb and not just a noun. And there is no better place to find communal ground than over coffee.

In the days of old communities were supported by local shops where all the produce from veg to furniture were sourced locally thereby supporting the area. Well these days it is impossible and unaffordable to source all our consumer needs locally (we can't grow coffee in the uk yet!) but we can be responsible for trying to source everything as locally and ethically as possible. We can also commit to put ALL our profits back into the local community. 

Cielo is a Social Enterprise. We want to be a successful business that offers the best quality and product in our market, and one that makes lots of money to put back into the community. But we will commit to always remain far more affordable than our competitors. 

Cielo was set up to do two things; (i) build better community cohesion and (ii) reduce loneliness. We think a coffee house is a great start."

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