Artys Busy Bee

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Rachel's Story...

Hi! I’m Rachel - owner of Artys Busy Bee. I started my little business 3 years ago, making elf doors and fairy doors as we were in the middle of buying a house and were staying with my parents (so I needed something to kill the time) they were so popular and sold so fast, and it snowballed from there! I now concentrate on decoupaged jars, vases and anything in between! 


The best part of doing this fab business is that I get to watch my little Arty grow (yes, Artys Busy Bee is named after him). I may be extremely busy working from home, but he loves to paint and do “his orders” too - so we spend lots of time together! I get to see him grow and develop, something I wouldn’t have seen if I had worked full time... I’m one lucky Bee.


I’m just excited to see what’s in store, for what once was a 'time filler', to now a blossoming little business and I'm also excited to be a part of this fab family at Arttopia!


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