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Trace's Story...

"Hi there to you - I have had the creating bug most of my life and in my 50’s feel that I have finally realised my dreams of creating a range of fabulous dolls - from cute to creepy they will enthrall and entertain.

Dilly Dollies are fun girls - each one is different and unique in style. She might look like you or someone you know or you might just fall in love with her quirkiness. Whatever it is about her that makes your heart smile you will fall in love with her and either want her for yourself or for someone special. Every Dilly Dolly comes in a little suitcase of her own.

Creepy Cute Clowns - especially made to give that funny frightening feeling you know you get when you like something horrible. Each one is made with love but with a little bit of menace to add to its charm. Check out their smiles.

Jilted Brides - Sad but it happens - Buy one for yourself or maybe a newly divorced friend - they are a little unusual so make sure they don’t offend anyone before you gift it.

Pernicious Pirates - These are made from my fiendish fun side. They might look fun but their personality is more naughtiness than nice. Make sure your treasure is safe around these guys."


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