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Hi there; I have always loved rag dolls but they often look the same to me. This in mind I developed and evolved my work to create individual,weighted, ARt DollZ for display, using new and preloved materials. Often being asked by my collectors 'are they suitable for children?' - I looked into making them safe. After completing the testing process I needed to differentiate the Display dolls from the Play dolls. Thus 'the rag doll co' was born. Now UKCA/CE compliant dolls, clothing and accessories are available for children over 3years. I work hard to keep my dolls safe and all are issued with a WARNING - Buttons - Choking Hazard - and WARNING - Long Hair or Scarf - Tangle Hazard Keep on popping by as I am also busy making small gifts and accessories for you too 

Meet the Maker 

Tracie Owner of Art Dollz
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